MSNBC host likens DeSantis, Youngkin to Russian soldiers ‘raping children’

by mcardinal

Chris Lange, FISM News


MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace ratcheted up the left’s rhetoric against Republican governors passing parental rights legislation, comparing their actions to Russian soldiers raping children.

The shocking accusation was made by the “Deadline White House” host Wednesday in response to a speech given by Michigan State Sen. Mallory McMorrow (D) who claimed GOP State Sen. Lana Theis accused her of “grooming and sexualizing children” in a fundraising email, the Daily Wire reports.

During the broadcast, Wallace told a guest panel that Theis’s alleged language mirrors similar “tactics to dehumanize” used by Governors Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) and Glenn Youngkin (R-Va.) in passing parents’ rights in education legislation in their respective states. The laws Wallace referenced ban classroom instruction on progressive gender ideology and sexual identity to young children in favor of letting parents decide if, how, and when to have such discussions with their kids.

Wallace lamented the media’s coverage of Youngkin’s “politics of parental choice,” which she said placed too much emphasis “on how well it worked,” adding that similar coverage about DeSantis shows “how well they’re serving him.”

“The truth is dehumanization, as a tactic for politics, is from war,” Wallace said. “Dehumanization is — it’s a tactic, it’s being used right now. The Russians get their soldiers to rape children by dehumanizing them.”

She went on to say that the tactic “is being deployed in politics, and people like you and I sometimes lose the plot and admire its effective — not its substance, but even the analysis of these tactics loses sight of what this speech brings us back to, which is that dehumanization has a cost right now. Right now, as it’s deployed.”

Wallace went on to reference remarks made by Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who said DeSantis’ parents’ right law will ultimately “kill” children.

“This will kill kids, @RonDeSantisFL. You are purposefully making your state a harder place for LGBTQ kids to survive in. In a national survey (@TrevorProject), 42% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide last year. Now they can’t talk to their teachers?” Buttigieg tweeted.

“Kids will die. How do we bring it back to the substance of the harm that is done by a strategy in war and politics of dehumanizing people?” Wallace asked the panel.

In contrast to Wallace and Buttigieg’s claim, a recent FISM report shows how research and opponents contend that the push of the LGBTQ and transgender agenda onto children is tantamount to child abuse.

Florida’s Parents’ Rights in Education bill contains no language that prevents students from talking about their sexual preferences to anyone, nor does it make any reference to the word “gay,” despite the widely-used “Don’t Say Gay” nomenclature adopted by critics, including the White House, to describe the measure.