Musk visits Eagle Pass to explore border conditions

by ian


Elon Musk may have missed out on a career as a groundbreaking journalist. The X CEO posted a video Friday in which he visited the southern border and spoke candidly with state officials about the migrant crisis.

Local Congressman Tony Gonzalez says the numbers are compounding each year by the millions, as the US essentially has an open border for the world. Gonzalez also spoke on how this is the first administration to have zero repatriation, meaning these migrants are not being returned to where they came from.

The border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, has a population of 28,000 and it’s received 19,000 migrants in the last 10 days alone. And those migrants aren’t going anywhere. Not only that, but some are seeking refuge from the law itself.

It was one of the most honest and informative looks at the border crisis. You can watch the full video on X, formerly Twitter.