NAIA bars men from playing in women’s sports

by ian

A college sports association unanimously approved a new rule yesterday banning transgender athletes from competing on women’s teams.

Beginning next school year, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or NAIA, will allow all athletes to participate in male sports. But only biological females can play on women’s teams. The association says its “first responsibility is to create fairness and competition.”

They say the decision aligns with the original purpose of Title IX, which prevents discrimination in education based on sex. The association is the governing body for athletic programs at smaller colleges, which are usually private schools. Though there are some secular private schools and state colleges and universities, a great many of the NAIA’s 240  athletics programs represent Christian schools.

The much larger NCAA hit back after the announcement, stating it will “ensure fair competition for all student-athletes.” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona also pushed back on the policy.

The announcement comes as the Biden administration is considering new rules to extend Title IX protections to trans-athletes.