NARA providing over 1,799 Biden emails to House Oversight Committee

by ian

The National Archives agreed yesterday to provide House Republicans with more than 60,000 pages of documents from President Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president.

In August, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) asked for unredacted emails and other items related to the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and the younger Biden’s overseas businesses.

NARA provided emails in response, but these were heavily redacted and did not provide much context as to what was encased in each email.

The GOP then accused the agency of “stonewalling” their investigation into President Biden’s alleged corruption linked to Hunter Biden’s overseas ventures. But now, NARA has agreed to provide these documents, including over 1,799 emails and attachments.

Before honoring this request, NARA asked Comer to “protect such information from public disclosure.”