NASA awards multi-million dollar contract to Axiom Space for spacesuit redesign

by ian

NASA is looking to change the design of its spacesuits to be sleeker and more flexible than ever before. They are even looking to make them in different sizes!

NASA awarded a $228 million dollar contract to Axiom Space which will be in charge of providing the new outfits. The Houston-based company hosted an event on yesterday where an employee modeled a dark spacesuit design.

While this is a prototype, the company assures that the final version – including the color – will be closer to the suits used during NASA’s Apollo program.

Axiom is aiming to provide the suits not only with greater flexibility, but with more protection from the moon’s harsh environment.

NASA isn’t just updating their look for fun, though. The goal is to have these new suits ready by the time it launches its next moon landing, which is slated for 2025.