Nashville shooter manifesto leaked to public

by ian

More than half a year after the deadly shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School, part of the shooter’s manifesto is now finally known to the public.

Yesterday, conservative talk show host Steven Crowder released what has since been confirmed to be the writings of transgender shooter Audrey Hale, who shot and killed three students and three teachers back in March. The writings appear to be part of Audrey’s diary from the day of the shooting, which she labeled “death day.”

Crowder says Hale specifically wanted to target students for their “White Privilege,” a fact he gleaned from a journal entry filled with anti-white slurs.  Officials in Nashville have launched an investigation into who leaked the information to Crowder.

While it is legal for Crowder to possess the leaked documents, it’s possible that whoever shared the images with him violated the law. At a minimum, the person will have violated the wishes of the highest-ranking elected officials in Nashville.

Crowder says the photos were taken by a detective at the school in the aftermath of the shooting, but this has not been confirmed by any media outlets.

As of this writing, the only thing that Nashville officials have stated is that the photos were not the property of the Metro Nashville Police Department. Put in human terms, this was the department’s way of communicating the notion that the pictures were not collected as part of the official investigation.

Crowders’ release comes as for months various news outlets and other groups have sued for access to the documents, even as many of the parents at the school have sought to keep the writings private.