Nashville Shooting: Gov. Lee addresses tragedy, more details emerge

by ian


As the nation grieves the tragic loss of six lives at Covenant School, new details have emerged
on the trans-identifying shooter Audrey Hale.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake said the biological woman was being treated for an unspecified emotional disorder. Her family thought she had sold her only gun as part of her treatment.

Investigators learned Hale recently purchased 7 guns and hid them in the family home without her parent’s knowledge. Three of these weapons were used on Monday.

The two officers who shot and killed Hale are being heralded as heroes for their bravery and quick response. The response team ended the threat to life within 14 minutes of receiving the 911 call.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee addressed the tragedy last night, saying this was not an appropriate time for politics or anger. Instead, it was a time to heal and grieve. He called for prayer for all involved in the shooting.

He also shared a faith-filled message with Tennesseans.