National Football League Releases 2021 Schedule

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


To delight of football fans nationwide, the NFL released its full 2021 regular season schedule this past week.

This comes in an exciting offseason in which the NFL officially increased its regular season schedule to 17 games. This marks the first time the NFL has changed the number of regular season games since 1978, when the league jumped from 14 to 16 games.  Many players are concerned, however, that the added game will increase injury risk.  Some believe the NFL is playing both sides of the fence – attempting to appear concerned about player safety while still pocketing extra cash from the revenue that a 17th game will bring.

The season will kick off on Thursday, September 9, with an exciting prime time clash in Tampa Bay between the eternal media-magnet Dallas Cowboys and the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The game features an intriguing quarterback story-line.  Dak Prescott, back from a gruesome injury, looks to prove Dallas correct in signing him to a record $160 million deal.  Meanwhile, the ageless Tom Brady looks to add yet another Lombardi Trophy to his crowded personal trophy case, after coming off a brilliant performance in Super Bowl LV which earned him a record seventh championship.

From a political standpoint, it will be extremely interesting to observe whether or not  the NFL will push the leftist agenda on and off the field now that Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office.  Now that there is no motivation to remove a pro-America and pro-conservative president from office,  it would be no surprise if the NFL largely abandoned the liberal propaganda it shoved down its fans’ throats throughout the 2020 campaign.