Nevada legislators push to pass bill legalizing assisted suicide

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News

According to Wednesday’s ruling, the state of Nevada is now one step closer to passing a bill that would legalize assisted suicide. The Nevada senate voted to legalize the usage of a pill that would kill a patient who was critically ill or injured and requested it in a sound state of mind.

Nevada Senate Bill 239, states that a “mentally capable adult patient should have the right to self-determination concerning his or her health care decisions.”

It further declares that “patients with a terminal illness may undergo unremitting pain, agonizing discomfort and a sudden, continuing and irreversible reduction in their quality of life.”

The bill barely passed with an 11-to-10 vote, thanks to heavy support from the 13-senator Democrat contingent.

Patients must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to take the life-ending drug. Additionally, patients will be required to self-administer the medication after multiple official requests for the drug have been approved by a medical doctor.

In addition to the obvious ethical issues around this assisted suicide bill, many critics, including Republican state Sen. Jeff Stone, have raised concerns that this bill and others like it will allow, as one example, for selfish family members to jump on an opportunity for an early inheritance by encouraging their loved ones to take this pill.

Currently, eight US States, along with Washington, D.C., have legalized medically assisted suicide.

Author’s Biblical Analysis

There is much for Christians to consider from this report. As we do it, I want to tread carefully and speak graciously, because end-of-life illness is a tragic issue and one that involves much hurt and sadness for those who have watched loved ones experience it.

First, the mere fact that we even have to speak about this issue at all is a somber reminder of the devastating effects of the fall.

Because of sin, there is death in all forms and all kinds. There is homicide, death in warfare, tragic accidents, illnesses, and even suicide.

This should point us to our desperate need for freedom from sin, and praise God we have it in Jesus Christ our Lord. Someday, we will be free from the pains of death, and what a glorious day that will be. But until that day comes, we have to make sense of the reality of death.

Therefore, how do we make sense of the growing trend in this country that is encouraging those with “nothing left to live for” to take their own lives?

I believe, without question, this reprehensible trend is a byproduct of what some scholars are calling a “culture of death.”

It is a culture in which human life is devalued, and where death is seen not only as acceptable but, in some cases, as the better option to life, and even the “moral” option.

Take, for example, the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion giants in this country make their fortune based on the worldview which declares that human life can be taken if that life is not “convenient.” It is based on a belief system where a certain group of people (in this case, political elites) have the power to determine if another group of people (unborn babies) can live or die.

This is at the heart of the culture of death, and this system of beliefs is what is allowing these assisted suicide laws to grow in states like Nevada.

So what do Christians do? The answer is simple: we need to fight back with a bold defense of life.

We believe, based on the biblical worldview, that all life is sacred. God made man and woman as the pinnacle of creation; the only created beings that bear His image. This divine image was not robbed from us in the fall. Although the fall marred the image and made it broken, every single human being still bears the image of his Creator.

This means, therefore, that life is sacred and life must be defended.

Christians cannot support laws that would encourage people to commit murder, which is what assisted suicide is. It is the intentional murder of a human being. The only difference, of course, between suicide and homicide is that homicide is murder perpetrated against another human, and suicide is self-inflicted murder.

So believer, be about your Father’s business. Your Father is the creator and sustainer of life. He loves life, so much in fact that His greatest gift He bestows on His children is life that never ends, given through His Son the Lord Jesus (John 3:16).

Therefore, we must also uphold and defend human life, because of the great value our Father has bestowed on it.

As a final note, I want to acknowledge that there may be someone reading this who has dealt with suicidal thoughts. Perhaps you have experienced, or are now experiencing a critical illness or injury and are wondering if it is better to end your life.

Please understand: there is always hope in Christ. In Jesus Christ, not only is there the promise of eternal life, but also the promise of purpose and meaning in this life. Turn to Christ, cry out to Him in prayer, and ask Him to meet you in your pain.

The beauty of the gospel is that God is a God who delights in rescuing those who are in pain. He is close to those who are hurting. Draw near to Him today.

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him… – Genesis 1:27