Netanyahu blasts ICC for targeting Israel and not Iran

by ian

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accusing the International Criminal Court of pouring “jet fuel” on the problem with recent rumors that the ICC would issue arrest warrants against Israelis, possibly including Netanyahu, over alleged human rights abuses in Gaza.

Netanyahu asked why the court wasn’t also targeting nations like Iran, which backs terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. He is now asking other nations to support Israel and defy the court.

The United States is working to prevent any warrants from being issued against Israelis, arguing that since Israel was not a party to the international accord that created the ICC, it should not be answerable to the court’s oversight.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has also spoken out against the notion of the ICC warrants.

Importantly, even if the warrants are issued, nothing would immediately happen to any Israeli, unless the named individual travels into a nation that recognizes the ICC’s authority and would be willing to affect an arrest.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has had an ICC warrant out for his arrest since 2022.