Netanyahu says Israel will ‘control Gaza security’ post-war

by ian

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shed some light on his country’s postwar plans on Saturday. He’s calling for a demilitarized Gaza, one in which Israel controls security after the fighting ends.

Netanyahu previously said Israel had no interest in taking over Gaza permanently. He’s stated repeatedly the goal is to destroy Hamas and rescue the more than 200 hostages taken on Oct. 7. He remarked yesterday that the two sides might be nearing a deal to achieve that second goal.

The prime minister added that Israel would not govern or provide services in Gaza. That comment hints at disunity among Israel, the U.S., and other allies.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said last week that the Palestinian Authority should assume control as Israel works toward a two-state solution. But not even the PA is sold on that idea if it comes “on top of an Israeli tank.”