New York Attorney General sues pregnancy help centers

by ian

New York Attorney General Letitia James is shifting her focus to pregnancy centers with a new lawsuit.

In a May 6 news release, James’ office announced it was suing Heartbeat International and 11 crisis pregnancy centers in the state. The lawsuit alleges that the organizations misled clients by promoting an “unproven treatment” designed to reverse the effects of an abortion pill.

The service is provided through a helpline, and it advertises itself as giving “your unborn child a second chance at life.” It connects clients with medical professionals who aid in the reversal process, as long as the pill was taken within 72 hours. Heartbeat International reports that “thousands of lives” were saved through this network.

AG James disagrees, saying in her statement that “abortion cannot be ‘reversed.'” James seeks to stop Heartbeat and the crisis centers from promoting the service and to affect a civil penalties payment.