New York hotel boots wedding guests and homeless veterans for illegal migrants

by ian

A New York hotel prioritized housing illegal migrants over wedding guest reservations and veterans.

Last week, Crossroads Hotel in Orange County struck a deal with New York City Eric Adams to house migrants during a new influx.  But when the hotel contracted with the city, they also canceled reservations for other guests without notice.

This included a couple whose wedding is planned for May 20, who planned to house 60 guests from around the world at the hotel. A second couple with a June wedding also had their plans upended.

But worse than that, the hotel also booted 15 homeless veterans to make space. The organization responsible for their rooms say they paid $88 a night, but were outbid by the city.

Republican State Assemblyman Briah Maher says he is absolutely sickened that illegal immigrants were given priority over veterans. 

It’s important to note this isn’t the only hotel in the area that contracted with the city. Five other veterans were moved from a nearby Super 8 and Hampton Inn.