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FISM News is a conservative, Christian news outlet that is committed to bringing viewers just the facts, grounded in truth. More than ever, the world needs news that is honest and clear. FISM News does just that by keeping our audience informed on the facts while offering a biblical perspective on the impact and implications.

Facts without opinion

While the majority of news outlets have become increasingly divisive and angry, FISM News cuts through the noise by delivering quality news packages that keep our audience up to date with the information they need without the spin. 

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Fresh, Consistent Daily News

  • FISM News is a full-service Christian news outlet that delivers broadcast packages in a variety of formats to fit your needs. We produce 2-minute, 5-minute, and 30-minute broadcasts daily so you can keep your audience up to date from a reliable source. All of our news content is fast, informative, and trustworthy in a way that keeps viewers tuned in to your station/program and engaged in the world.

    Our 2-minute and 5-minute news broadcasts can also be customized for your station/program to provide you with greater brand recognition and cohesion in programming. Our news anchors can pitch it back to your station/program at the end of the news hit so that it flows nicely with your lineup.

2-minute News Example

5-minute News Example

30-minute News Example

Why FISM News?

  • Viewpoint – Our news content will highlight issues that are of interest to Christians who uphold conservative values.
  • Reliable – We produce fresh news daily, providing you with news packages every day Monday-Friday. On holidays, we will provide special news segments, so you are never without content.
  • Throwback – Unlike most current news programming, we focus on the facts, not opinions. Our programming is a quick run-through of the day’s top stories without commentary.
  • Variety – We produce our show in multiple formats so that you can choose the length that works for you. Choose between our 2-minute, 5-minute, or 30-minute daily broadcasts, or select all three to use throughout the day for consistency in programming.

  • Customizable – Our 2-minute and 5-minute news can be customized with our anchors finishing the brief with a throw-back to your station, providing unique branding opportunities.

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FISM News Team

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