Newsom Keeps Emergency Powers By Extending Deadline

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


California Governor Gavin Newsom is making headlines in the face of an upcoming special election this fall that, if successful, would recall Newsom as Governor removing him from office. On Friday Newsom made a speech that was live streamed on YouTube on Friday where he announced that he is extending his pandemic emergency powers as well as the pandemic lockdown in California. This comes after Newsom and the California government had set June 15, 2021 as the full re-opening date. Newsom said in his speech,

The one thing I am certain of is: There’s uncertainty in the future. The emergency remains in effect after June 15 because we’re still in a state of emergency. This disease has not been extinguished. It’s not vanished; it’s not taking the summer months off.

Millions of Californians were upset by the Governor’s announcement and expressed frustration that Newsom was continuing to engage in dictatorial behavior, which has become the basis of the special election to recall Newsom. California legislators James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley tweeted their frustrations,

Katy Grimes, the editor of the California Globe, joined the California congressmen, tweeting,


Newsom has faced criticism for months due to his extravagant exercise of power during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following in the style of Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, and Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, Newsom has generated a massive amount of resentment from Californians due to his decisions during the pandemic, all leading to the special election that could remove him from office. The exact date of the special election has not yet been set but it could take place as soon as August of this year.

Newsom’s decision to extend the pandemic shutdown in California as well as his emergency powers comes after a recommendation from the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Cal/OSHA) saying that the pandemic lockdown restrictions should continue in California until July 31, 2021. California will likely be the only state in the US not re-opening this month as 45 other states have already substantially rolled back pandemic restrictions or totally re-opened. Newsom’s decision is especially egregious in the eyes of Californians as close to 95% of officially recorded California residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

In response, California legislators have introduced a bill which would strip Newsom of his emergency powers and begin the re-opening of California. This proposed law is known as SCR 5 and in the bill it says that Newsom “has issued more than 47 executive orders” since the lockdown in California. The bill is currently still in a committee in the California Senate but many California politicians are asking for it to be expedited in order for a final vote to occur.

Newsom is no stranger to controversy. In addition to being accused of tyrannical abuses in California during the pandemic, Newsom has also joked about seceding from the US, especially when former President Trump was still in office. California represents the largest economy in the United States and the fifth largest economy in the world with a GDP of close to $3.2 trillion. In addition to the massive economic impact California has on the US, the state is also a major hub of American art and culture particularly from Los Angeles. The point is that California leaving the United States is no laughing matter.

Ultimately, Californians are anxious for the end of the pandemic like the rest of Americans. They are particularly interested in the pandemic restrictions being lifted and for daily life to return to normal. California re-opening would also constitute a massive boon to the recovery of the American economy and culture, given its status as the largest state economy in the US. However, California’s Governor seems intent on keeping the state in lockdown. The good news for Californian citizens is that they will soon be able to vote on whether or not Newsom remains in office.