NFL Will Continue Social Justice Agenda In 2021 Season

by Seth Udinski
NFL Will Continue Social Justice Agenda In 2021 Season

Seth Udinski, FISM News


To the annoyance of conservatives and many sports fans nationwide, the NFL’s incessant pandering to the far-left agenda of social justice will continue with greater intensity in the 2021 season.  Following the worldwide racial riots and unrest of 2020, the NFL instituted new marketing policies to hyper-focus on race issues during the 2020 season.  These included racially-driven commercials, painting messages such as “End racism” in the back of most end zones, and strongly encouraging players to wear the names of those who had been killed at the hands of police officers on the back of their helmets.

Encouraging racial harmony is virtuous, make no mistake.  However, the left has proven time and again that racial vengeance and reparation for past sins (in other words, revenge) is the greater goal than harmony.  Perhaps most troubling, in 2021 the NFL will now include the song “Life Every Voice and Sing,” often referred to as the “Black National Anthem,” to be played before all major NFL events, including opening night, draft night, and the Super Bowl.

To be fair, the song will not replace the Star Spangled Banner, but will be played either before or after it, and according to sources it will not be required for every game.  Still, it is overwhelmingly bizarre that the NFL is inadvertently encouraging racial discrimination by providing a “separate but equal” national anthem meant for the black community.  The logic behind it is utterly foolish.

Hopefully there will be some who would speak out against this, but the risk is great.  As in the case of the recently-retired NFL quarterback Drew Brees, who was verbally brutalized by his fellow athletes for defending the United States flag in 2020, anyone who does not fall in line with the left’s agenda is in serious danger of being “cancelled.”