NGO warns illegal migrants entering US are addicted to fentanyl

by ian

An organization dedicated to combating drug use announced that it has detected a skyrocket in the use of fentanyl among migrants headed for the southern border.

The alert came from the Harm Reduction in the Compañeros Program, an organization dedicated to reducing drug usage in Mexican border regions. The group’s coordinator, Julian Rojas Padilla, told reporters that combinations of fentanyl and other dangerous substances have become popular in border cities like Ciudad Juarez.

Rojas further warned that the rate of drug abuse has seen a notable increase among the migrant population, many of whom will seek entry into the United States.

“Without job opportunities, support networks, the vulnerable conditions in which they find themselves, all of this leaves them exposed to experimenting with other types of substances,” Rojas Padilla said.

The group warned that fentanyl is often difficult to detect and highly lethal.

The news follows a recent report from the National Commission on Mental Health and Addictions, which found a 29-percent increase in fentanyl abuse compared to last year.