Nord Stream: CIA knew of Ukrainian sabotage plot

by ian

The Biden Administration reportedly knew months in advance that Ukrainian special ops intended to sabotage the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, but still blamed Russia.

The natural gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany was attacked on Sept. 26. It’s now known that a close European intelligence ally told the CIA in July that Ukraine had plans to attack the line.

This information became known from documents leaked by Jack Teixeira – who was arrested earlier this year for sharing sensitive military information on Discord. National Security spokesman John Kirby was asked about this Tuesday, but did not offer much in the way of comment.

“I think you know there are three countries conducting an investigation of the Nord Stream sabotage — and we called it sabotage at the moment — Germany, Sweden and Denmark,” Kirby said during a Tuesday press briefing. “Those investigations are ongoing. And, again, the last thing that we’re going to want to do from this podium is get ahead of those investigations.”

The Russian embassy commented on the new report, saying the West coordinated a media campaign “to confuse the international community.”