North Face debuts new ad featuring a drag queen

by ian

The next Bud Light is what many are calling The North Face after they debuted an advertisement campaign featuring a drag queen.

In their ‘summer of pride’ ad series, the North Face renewed their partnership with drag queen “Pattie Gonia.” In the ad, Gonia encourages viewers to “come out.” The video advertised events as part of the campaign in Atlanta and Salt Lake City, featuring several speakers.

The campaign comes just after The North Face launched their pride 2023 collection, which advertised rainbow themed clothing for children.

Many have since criticized the company’s decision, as recent drag themed advertising campaigns by Bud Light and Target have resulted in major losses.

VFC, the parent company that owns The North Face, announced falling stock prices and lowered revenue for this year just days before the ad campaign was introduced. Stock prices for the company reportedly fell again after the ad was released.

The North Face has previously partnered with Pattie Gonia last year for their 2022 summer of pride campaign.