NY judge holds Donald Trump in contempt of court

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ruled on Monday to hold former President Donald Trump in contempt of court for not adhering to a previous subpoena handed out by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Justice Engoron said Trump should be fined $10,000 a day until he complies. “I know you take your business seriously, and I take mine seriously,” Engoron said in his ruling. “I hereby hold you in civil contempt,” he added.

Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, said that they “respectfully disagree with the court’s decision” and intend to appeal.

The subpoena originally required Trump to produce documents by March 3 for the AG’s civil probe into the Trump Organization’s financial dealings. That deadline was extended to March 31 per request from his lawyer. After the deadline passed, AG James petitioned the court to force Trump to comply.

Trump’s lawyers claimed that he didn’t have the documents James was looking for, according to reporting from the New York Post. Justice Engoron replied saying that response “just doesn’t cut it” and that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Trump conducted a search for any requested documents.

Habba said that any documents Trump may have are in the process of being handed over already to the AG’s office through the Trump Organization, which she said should clear Trump. Justice Engoron then questioned why Trump has not signed an affidavit confirming Habba’s assertion.

In a statement released after the ruling, James said that “justice prevailed” in the court.

“For years, Donald Trump has tried to evade the law and stop our lawful investigation into him and his company’s financial dealings. Today’s ruling makes clear: No one is above the law,” James added.