NYC migrants overstay welcome

by ian

New York City migrants are feeling quite comfortable in the city and are refusing to leave, despite the city’s offer to bus them somewhere else. 

The New York Post reported recently that many are turning down free plane tickets and bus rides because they say it’s too hard to start over anywhere else. Reportedly, less than 2% of New York City migrants have been willing to relocate to another city or state, which means less than 30 migrants out of 1,600 daily shelter seekers are willing to move. And it’s important to take note that most of these migrants are single.

But what is so enticing about New York City? In short, the city is incentivizing the migrants’ actions by helping them out financially and otherwise. 

But residents are getting tired of homeless migrants on their streets. The self-proclaimed sanctuary city is now building what officials call “hostile architecture” in areas where migrants usually hang out. This includes spikes on benches, immovable planters, and other sneaky architecture that discourages homeless people from sticking around, including at migrant shelters. 

According to the Post, NYC has been spending $387 on each migrant per day since 2022. 

Two weeks ago, there were over 65,000 migrants taking advantage of the city’s money, a number a bit smaller than the previous month. This comes as Mayor Eric Adams has been desperate to slash taxpayer costs. Most recently, he said that his efforts will lead to $2.3 billion in savings by next summer.