Oath Keepers founder to be sentenced after sedition conviction

by ian


The first group of January 6 defendants convicted of sedition will be sentenced this week.

Oath Keepers founder Steward Rhodes was found guilty of the charge back in November. Seven other members of the anti-government militia have also been convicted of seditious conspiracy since then.

The Justice Department pushed for a 25-year prison sentence for Rhodes in today’s hearing. This would be the harshest judgment so far in connection to the U.S. Capitol attack.

But the department argues that the Oath Keepers are terrorists who should receive harsher sentences. They say there is a responsibility to impact “whether January 6 becomes an outlier or a watershed moment.”

The judge will either accept or reject that argument while sentencing Rhodes and a Florida chapter leader tomorrow.

His response will set an important standard for future trials. Notably, the Proud Boys founder and four other members of that group have also been convicted of sedition for their role on that day.