Oklahoma religious charter school blocked by state supreme court

by ian

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that a Catholic charter school is unconstitutional.

Last October, the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board greenlit the nation’s first publicly funded religious charter school, the Saint Isidore of Seville Virtual Catholic Charter School.

That same month, Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond filed a lawsuit against the board, saying that the school’s partnership with the state could open the door for other state-funded religious schools, including extreme ones.

Drummond also argued that the state could lose over $1 billion in funding because of a breach of contract.

The court ruled recently that charter schools are public schools, therefore the charter school board must revoke its contract with the Catholic school. Drummond celebrated the outcome saying it’s a “tremendous victory for religious liberty,” and adding that taxpayers won’t have to worry about funding Sharia law or even Satanism.