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I’m a lover of Jesus, a wife, and a homeschool mom of 3. I’m a homebody, a coffee addict, and a reality TV junkie! I’m so excited to share my crazy love for God’s word and His truths with you all!


I’m a mom of 5, and a wife to my husband, Matt, for 13 years. I can’t live without my mornings with the Lord, a hot cup of tea, good 90’s country music. I am a lover of animals, being outside and staying active.


I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 boys. I have been following Jesus since I was a little girl. I am blessed to be married to my best friend of 10 years, Paul. I am really excited to share more of my heart with you!


I am a homeschooling mom of three, a pastor’s wife and Jesus lover! I love to LAUGH and have FUN! My husband Isaiah and I are in full-time ministry and have a passion to see people have an encounter with Jesus!


Outspoken hosts, Jeanne Hester, Ann Barrovecchio, Lauren Smack and Brittany Hollis believe that motherhood and sisterhood should not be walked through alone. So, outspoken was born!

Outspoken is a television show and podcast established in 2019 out of a desire to speak Godly truth in love in order to unite mothers into a sisterhood of faith. Further, Outspoken was created to normalize and encourage each other throughout the immense joys and difficulties of Motherhood.

Stay tuned! See what the girls are up to by following Outspoken on Instagram @Outspoken.tv!

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Grow deeper in Christ and become a part of our sisterhood of faith by tuning into our christian TV talk shows at FISM.TV! Founded by mothers hoping to share their passion for Jesus, our popular female talk show, “Outspoken”, unites mothers through the challenges, changes, and joys of motherhood. We’re not meant to face the difficulties of motherhood alone, and with our faith-based talk show, you’ll discover meaningful ways to overcome parenting challenges, enjoy relatable mom discussions, and strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Our weekly female talk shows are a great way to grow with a community of like-minded mothers. We hope to connect with our viewers on a deeper level, and by discussing the root of relevant motherhood topics, our top Christian talk show supports our listeners’ growth in all areas of spirituality. Our hosts have diverse insight into the complexities of motherhood and continue to inspire mothers in our community with discussions that build spiritual resilience and a connection with Christ.


female talk shows
  • Thankfulness
  • People Pleasing
  • Communication in Marriage
  • Fasting Health
  • Anxiety
  • Mom Guilt
  • & More

Our female talk show hosts are passionate and bold about sharing Christ’s message of healing, truth, and joy. With every inspirational faith based talk show, we cover important issues that affect mothers every day. Our Christian women talk show hosts have first-hand experience with the joys and struggles of raising children, and openly share their personal experiences so our listeners can continue to learn, improve, and grow in their faith with every weekly christian talk show. 

Every female talk show episode features new and exciting topics to unite and strengthen our Christian sisterhood. Our Christian radio talk shows will encourage you, inspire peace of spirit, and become a weekly source for healthy community with other Christian women. We have a ton of religious radio talk show episodes available, so whatever unique challenges or trials you’re facing, our faith-based talk show hosts have realistic solutions you can relate to. 

All of our Christian radio talk shows are available for free through FISM.TV platform. You can easily browse all of our previous religious radio talk shows and discover a wealth of Christian ideas and motivation. From our inspiring female talk shows to our empowering TV ministry, you’ll find ongoing spiritual development as you browse our top selection of Christian content. 

With a new female talk show hosted every Monday at 8 pm EST, we hope to become an ongoing source of support throughout the challenges and joys of motherhood. Our Christian women talk show is always uplifting, filled with actionable Christian material, and will always be free to our valued listeners! 

To stay connected with the latest female talk shows at FISM.TV, be sure to download our FISM.TV app on Roku or Amazon Fire so you never miss an episode. You can even watch our wholesome Christian TV talk shows on your phone, tablet, or PC too! 

We know you’ll love our Christian TV talk shows and hope you’ll share your favorite episodes with friends and family. Our passion for the Lord is infused into every Godly Christian women talk show, and you’ll always discover new and inspiring content that uplifts your spirit. You can easily browse all of our previous Christian talk show episodes at FISM.TV, and are sure to find a variety of wonderful content that speaks to your heart and soul. 

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Thanks to the ongoing support from our generous Christian community, we’re blessed to be able to continue offering our top Christian TV talk shows for free. If you have a passion for sharing the truth of Jesus with others, you can support our Christian women talk show and become a part of our mission to expose Jesus for who He is, what He means, and what He can do!