Over 100 Palestinians killed, 700 wounded in Gaza City chaos

by ian


Israeli troops allegedly opened fire on hundreds of Palestinians waiting for food yesterday.

Israeli officials released aerial footage showing massive amounts of people crowding around aid trucks, which prompted the military to fire warning shots to disperse the crowd. Chief military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that fewer than 10 casualties were a result of Israeli gunfire. He added,

Contrary to the accusations, we didn’t open fire on a humanitarian aid convoy, not from the air and not from land.’

But that’s not how Palestinians saw the situation. The Gaza Health Ministry and Hamas said that more than 100 people were killed and over 700 were injured when Israel intervened.

Israel defended its actions by saying that Gazans were wounded because of overcrowding and trampling, adding that in the early morning hours “a violent gathering of Gazan residents looted the equipment” on the trucks.