Over half of Americans identify as religious ‘nones’

by ian


According to a new Pew Research Poll, more than half of Americans say they are neither atheist nor agnostic. So, what are they?

Pew Research calls them “religious nones,” meaning that they are not religiously affiliated. Now, some of these people do identify as either atheist or agnostic, but 63% say they don’t believe in “anything particular.” 

Interestingly, these people tend to have lower education levels than those who describe themselves as religious. They are also less likely to volunteer, less likely to vote, and less likely to be socially engaged. 

When the religious “nones” were asked why they were not religious, two-thirds of them said it was because they questioned religious teachings or didn’t believe in God. Almost half of them also said they had a good reason for not choosing religion, while others said they had some kind of bad experience with religious people. It’s worth noting that most of the respondents said they were raised in Christian homes. 

However, this doesn’t mean that they are closed off from believing in God altogether. They are just less likely to believe in the God of the Bible. Instead, they tend to gravitate toward New Age beliefs. About half of this demographic said that spirituality is very important to them.