Parents Slightly Favor Returning To In-Person, Full-Time School In The Fall

by mcardinal

Madeline Sponsler, FISM News

A recent Gallup Poll following coronavirus ripple effects found that parents slightly favor the idea of returning to school this fall. This survey was conducted via virtual interviews with more than 1,200 parents of K-12 schoolchildren.

COVID19 fears was the biggest factor for what variation of school parents favor. According to the results,  “46% of parents say they are very or somewhat worried about their children getting the coronavirus. Among those parents, 71% prefer their children to have part-time (59%) or full-time (12%) distance learning, with only 29% favoring full-time, in-person schooling.

In contrast, 79% of parents who are not worried about their children getting the coronavirus want them to attend full-time, in-person school this fall.”


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Sourced from Gallup Polls