Paris Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Alleged Bomb Threat

by davidscott

Rachel Stevens, FISMNews 

French police secured an area surrounding the Eiffel Tower on Wednesday following an anonymous phone call claiming a bomb had been planted. The Paris monument has been searched and no explosives found, a police spokeswoman said. It reopened at about 2:25 p.m. 

A local station BFM Paris reported that around noon local time, police received an anonymous phone call claiming a bomb had been planted. This sparked an immediate response from police, who cordoned off blocks surrounding the landmark. Several hundred people, including tourists, restaurant staff and workmen were led away from the tower in the late morning.

The Eiffel tower is no stranger to threats, as it has been victim of multiple security alerts before; some of which turn out to be false. Measures like bullet proof glass panels and fencing around the perimeter attempt to deter attacks. The iconic tourist landmark had been forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic for 3 months., but gradually reopened throughout the summer season.

Sourced from BFM Paris and Reuters


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