Pastor Artur Pawlowski wins free speech battle in Canadian appeals court

by Seth Udinski
Pastor Artur Pawlowski wins free speech battle in Canadian appeals court

Seth Udinski, FISM News


FISM News has followed the dramatic development surrounding the Polish-born Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his battle for the freedom of religion in Canada, as the country has instituted draconic COVID-19 lockdown measures. In the last year, Pawlowski has been arrested, imprisoned, and hailed as a folk hero by some and a nuisance by others. Through it all, he has faithfully continued his ministry at The Cave of Adullam Church in Alberta.

Last week, Canadian sources revealed that the pastor won a lengthy free speech struggle in the Alberta Court of Appeals. The court lifted a somewhat confusing sentence against Pawlowski that basically prohibited him from speaking negatively against the pandemic-related lockdowns. Included in this sentence was an act that forced Pawlowski to publicly say the following statement:

I am aware that the views I am expressing to you on this occasion may not be views held by the majority of medical experts in Alberta. While I may disagree with them, I am obliged to inform you that the majority of medical experts favor social distancing, mask-wearing, and avoiding large crowds to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The ruling had been administered last month, and afterwards Pawlowski expressed his frustration with a ruling that forced him to be dishonest. This time speaking freely, he said,

I have to become a liar every time I open my mouth to appease the corrupted judges and the corrupted court systems and the corrupted politicians.

On Thursday, the Alberta Court of Appeals removed the restriction on Pawlowski until an appeal hearing in June of 2022. Pawlowski was with his brother Dawid, with whom he had been arrested earlier this year, and was overjoyed upon hearing the news. Pawlowski said, “My heart jumped. I was driving with my brother Dawid … and we just like fist-bumped.”