Pastor once declared brain dead is welcomed home after miraculous recovery

by Jacob Fuller

Vicky Arias, FISM News

Pastor Ryan Marlow of Grace Baptist Church in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina received a warm welcome home from friends and neighbors on Saturday after being pronounced brain dead months earlier.

The pastor’s wife, Megan, shared on Facebook that “hundreds of people came by to show love and support” after a parade of vehicles passed in front of the Marlow family residence, some holding signs, to welcome the pastor home.

“Ryan was just shocked at all the love that was shown,” the pastor’s wife posted.

The 37-year-old pastor fell critically ill in August after he acquired a life-threatening brain injury stemming from listeria consumption. Marlow’s wife, in a Facebook Live video shared that doctors told her in August that her husband was “clinically deceased … [and had] suffered neurological death.”

“He was living a beautiful and healthy life and then something as innocent as eating supper turned his world upside down with an Acquired Brain Injury from listeria,” Marlow’s wife stated.

Following their pronouncement of brain death, doctors placed Marlow on life support due to his organ donor status and began to test and prep his organs for removal.

However, two days after being pronounced clinically dead, doctors called Marlow’s wife and stated that a team of specialists changed the pastor’s status from brain-dead to severe brain stem injury, according to the wife’s video. The doctors told Marlow’s wife that the pastor was still in a state similar to brain death and proceeded with organ removal plans.

Miraculously, on the morning his organs were scheduled to be removed, Marlow responded to a video of his children singing by moving his feet. The pastor’s heart rate also shot up upon hearing his wife’s voice.

“[That was] only God,” Marlow’s wife said. “And this is what Ryan prayed for – that God would do something only He could get credit for.”

As the surgery team stood waiting outside Marlow’s hospital room, prepping to take Marlow for the organ removal procedure, his wife stopped the surgery and asked for further testing.

The tests revealed that blood was flowing to the pastor’s brain. His status was changed to reflect that he was in a coma.

Marlow has since awakened and, after spending several months in the hospital, was recently brought home.

The sovereignty and the amazing power of God was revealed through Marlow’s miraculous recovery.

Be still, and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10