Pentagon advises caution on ground invasion, prepares for mass American evacuations

by ian

US involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian war is growing steadily, as the Biden administration recently sent a Marine three-star general and several other military officers to help advise Israeli leadership about its expected ground invasion.

The military officers include those who were involved in operations against ISIS in Iraq. A Pentagon spokesperson told Axios that the American officers are simply helping Israeli officials explore their options, but that “IDF will, as always, make its own decisions.”

But the US is reportedly advising Israel to hold off on a ground assault in Gaza as Washington is trying to free more hostages and send in more humanitarian aid.

In the meantime, Israel is still trading fire with Hezbollah in Lebanon, which is stirring fears of a growing war. The Biden administration is now preparing to evacuate almost 700,000 Americans from the Middle East if the war spreads.