Poll: More Than Half of Voters Say Biden Should Resign Over Afghanistan

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News


The disastrous pullout from Afghanistan continues to haunt President Biden, even as he attempts to change the narrative to COVID-19 and vaccinations. In fact, a majority of Americans believe that Biden needs to step down over his handling of the withdrawal. 

According to a recent Rasmussen poll 52% of likely voters think that Biden should resign over Afghanistan, with 39% saying that he should stay in office, and 9% being unsure. 

To make matters worse 60% of likely voters said they agreed with a statement made by Senator Lindsey Graham“I think Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us and he’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban to a 31 August deadline.” 

Broken down by political affiliation, 75% of Republicans said Biden should resign, followed by 48% third party voters / independents, with even 32% of Democrats saying he should step down. As far as impeachment is concerned, 69% of Republicans said they agreed with Graham’s quote, meanwhile 44% party voters / independents think impeachment is necessary, followed by 26% of Democrats. 

As of Friday, September 10th, Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Polls shows 46% of likely voters approve of President Biden, as opposed to 52% who disapprove, of which 45% strongly disapprove. Rasmussen noted that Biden’s approval rating has dropped five points in three months.