Pope Francis calls ‘gender ideology’ one of the ‘most dangerous ideological colonizations’ today

by Chris Lange

Chris Lange, FISM News


Pope Francis spoke out against gender subjectivity theory in a recent interview, saying that it is “contrary to the human vocation.”

“Gender ideology, today, is one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations,” the pontiff said in a March 10 interview with Argentinian newspaper La Nación, Fox News reported on Saturday.

Francis explained that the global push for gender fluidity poses a threat to humanity“because it blurs differences and the value of men and women,” echoing his previous remarks condemning the transgenderism movement as a fundamental disorder being forced on young people.  

“All humanity is the tension of differences. It is to grow through the tension of differences,” he said. “The question of gender is diluting the differences and making the world the same, all dull, all alike, and that is contrary to the human vocation.”

Francis denied that he planned to write an encyclical on the subject of gender but said that he has chosen to address the subject “because some people are a bit naive and believe that it is the way to progress.”

Francis added that gender subjectivity proponents “do not distinguish what is respect for sexual diversity or diverse sexual preferences from what is already an anthropology of gender, which is extremely dangerous because it eliminates differences, and that erases humanity, the richness of humanity, both personal, cultural, and social, the diversities and the tensions between differences.”

The pope’s latest remarks appear to contradict his denouncement of laws that penalize homosexuality as “unjust” in a January 2023 interview, during which he also said that same-sex relations are “not a crime.” He explained to La Nación, however, that he draws a distinction “between what pastoral care is for people who have a different sexual orientation and what gender ideology is,” adding: “They are two different things.” 

Francis, who is largely considered to be the most progressive pope in modern history, has called on Catholics to welcome people from the LGBTQ community into the church and to support laws that decriminalize homosexual practices but said that there needs to be a demarcation between legal crime and religious sin.

 “It’s not a crime. Yes, but it’s a sin. Fine, but first, let’s distinguish between a sin and a crime,” Francis said.