Pornhub shuts down in Texas after objecting to age verification law

by ian

Pornhub made its website unavailable in Texas earlier today in response to state-required age verification.

The website now greets Lonestar State residents with a statement condemning the law as “ineffective, haphazard, and dangerous.” The porn site also says age verification impinges on the rights of adults to access protected speech.

A non-compliance lawsuit filed last month by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton threatened millions of dollars in penalties against the company.

Paxton responded to Porhub’s critique with, “In Texas, companies cannot get away with showing porn to children. If they don’t want to comply, good riddance.”

Texas is the seventh state where Pornhub is disabled. In Alabama, where the company continues to operate despite a similar age verification rule, website views have plummeted by 80%.