Pre-Born! Mother’s Day drive seeks to protect the unborn and give hope to mothers

by mcardinal


The fight for the lives of the unborn has taken center stage following the leak of the Supreme Court opinion on Tuesday. As it appears likely that the highest court will overturn Roe v. Wade, Christians from around the country have renewed their vigor to protect the most vulnerable in our society – those in the womb.

Pre-Born! is providing a unique opportunity for those who want to make an impact in this mission during a May donor-match drive in honor of Mother’s Day.

Pre-Born!’s mission is to lead and equip pregnancy clinics to save babies and souls.  They do this by placing ultrasound machines, underwriting ultrasound scans, and providing grants through their evangelism program. Preborn clinics introduce moms in crisis to their babies through ultrasound, while also providing them with hope, love, and the gospel.

Every dollar donated to the ministry between now and May 31 will be doubled, extending the reach of each donation. Those who choose to give are taking part in saving a pre-born baby from abortion and giving a mom the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This drive came about several years ago when Dan Celia, Founder of FISM, suggested to Dan Steiner, President and CEO of Pre-Born!, that they should develop a campaign around Mother’s Day.  Celia recommended that the campaign run the entire month of May and to have an anonymous donor match all contributions.  This became a huge success and thousands of babies lives were saved through the initiative. The initiative has now become an annual event to honor mothers and protect babies in the womb.



Would you make a tax-deductible donation now and help Pre-Born! save the lives of the unborn?

For $140 dollars, donors can sponsor 5 ultrasounds and help rescue 5 babies from abortion. This month, through the match campaign, that gift will be doubled, providing 10 ultrasounds and rescuing 10 babies. Additionally, for every 100 scans donated, one ultrasound machine will be donated to a pro-life facility.

For this Mother’s Day join the FISM TV family in saving the lives of the unborn. You can do this by dialing pound 250 and say the keyword “BABY” or donate securely at by clicking here.

Help us reach our goal as we work to transform the lives of mothers and babies across the country through our Mother’s Day Pre-Born!’s campaign.