Prepare for A Difficult Winter [Op-Ed]

by mcardinal

Dan Celia, CEO & President of FISM


Natural gas prices jumped another 12% this week, continuing a streak of record highs. This is a major concern, not just for those filling their gas tanks at the pump, but for all Americans planning to heat their homes this winter. This is further evidence in the ever-growing case for how the Biden Administration is not concerned for the average American.

Inflated natgas prices, like all inflated prices, have a ripple effect. It does not only impact how much we travel or pay for our daily commutes. Paying more at the pump means less money in our pockets and accounts to use for other essentials as well as discretionary income. God forbid we end up having a colder winter this year, many people could be struggling to find the money they need to heat their homes. 

The Biden administration has done a very successful job of clobbering fossil fuels. That might be great in theory for green energy enthusiasts, but when it comes to thoughtful planning, this Administration fails miserably. Cleaner energy is an important pursuit, but it cannot be achieved overnight or by getting other countries to do our dirty work.  Assuming this leadership is not aiming to sabotage America, the only other conclusion in regard to the ever-growing list of destructive decisions being made for the American people is that they completely lack wisdom and foresight.

This leadership has claimed from day one that all the initiatives they had planned would be paid for on the backs of the wealthiest in our nation – not the middle and lower classes. But who is being most hurt by all this inflation? …those with the least discretionary income to cover the growing costs. Does this Administration think that poor people don’t use gas or heat their homes? Do they believe they are out chopping wood? You can not hurt the economy the way they have without hurting all Americans who depend on it. 

The socialistic “Democratic” Party always promises more than they can deliver. They claim that they will close the gap between the wealthy and the poor, but ultimately they just make everyone poorer. Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are the only ones in their Party who appear to be concerned about preserving the future of Social Security and the welfare of America by taking a stand against the Left’s egregious spending. And in their commitment to Americans, they are more courageous than many of their Republican counterparts.

This summer, the White House boasted in a tweet that they would be saving Americans 16 cents on their 4th of July cookouts. I wonder if the White House is planning a tweet about the labor shortages, supply chain crisis, and inflationary insanity that is leading us into the “most expensive Thanksgiving meal in the history of the holiday” according to MSNBC news…  I guess we will have to wait and see. 

For now, Americans need to be prepared for a potentially financially difficult winter. We need to put savings aside wherever we can to prepare for burdensome costs for groceries and utilities. And we need to pray for wisdom, courage, and conviction for our leaders to turn this all around.