Private craft Odysseus successfully lands on moon

by ian

The privately owned and operated Odysseus lander touched down on the moon yesterday.

This marks not only the first U.S. touchdown on the lunar surface in over 50 years but also the first landing accomplished by a private company. That company is Intuitive Machines, based in Texas.

Reports show that the Odysseus lander touched down at around 6:23 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. A joint webcast of the landing broadcast by Intuitive Machines and NASA showed the moment touchdown was confirmed.

The company’s CEO Stephen Altemus congratulated the crew. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson also congratulated the team and their hard-won efforts.

There was some concern about connectivity with the lander, leading some to speculate that it may be obstructed by something on the surface. Regardless, the craft will aim to fulfill its duty of collecting data on space weather and other aspects of the lunar environment.