Pro Life activists convicted, face up to 11 years in prison

by ian

Three pro-lifers are now facing up to 11 years in prison for kneeling, praying, and distributing pamphlets outside an abortion clinic.

A federal jury found 41-year-old Jonathan Darnel, 73-year-old Jean Marshall, and 74-year-old Joan Bell guilty of “blocking” an abortion clinic. According to the DOJ, the defendants conspired to “create a blockade” at the abortion clinic, using furniture, chains, and their own bodies. But these heroes have faced charges like these before.

Bell is known as the “matriarch of pro-life activism” for her 50 years of non-violent sit-ins. She has been arrested over 200 times and already spent six years in prison, two-and-a-half of which were in solitary confinement.

“I’m humbled by the privilege to suffer imprisonment for the little babies,” Bell said.

Meanwhile, Darnel took to Fox News two weeks ago, before the verdict, to passionately stand by his fight for life.

This verdict comes after five others were convicted by the DOJ on the same counts in August of 2023. The DOJ described this group as “co-conspirators.”