Pro-life organization in Texas receives bomb threat

by Seth Udinski
Pro-life organization in Texas receives bomb threat

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Texas has become a true battleground state in the fight for the protection of life in the womb since the institution of the  state’s”fetal heartbeat bill,” banning abortion at six weeks. Earlier this week, a pro-life organization in the state received a disturbing bomb threat, most likely because of its support of a bill that has enraged supporters of pre-birth infanticide.

On Monday, pro-life Christian group Texas Right To Life revealed that it had received a bomb threat earlier that day. The group said in a statement,

A suspicious letter arrived in the mail saying that we should receive the bodies of aborted babies, and the sender conspired to “bomb [Texas Right to Life]” because of our efforts to pass, defend, and enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Reports claimed that the threat said the following: “LETS BOMB TEXAS FOR LIFE AND CHANGE IT TO – TEXAS FOR DEATH.” President Elizabeth Graham said after the news became public,

Devaluing life inside the womb inevitably leads to violence outside the womb. These recent crimes demonstrate the brokenness, anger, and pain of the pro-abortion movement. We pray for the perpetrator, that he or she may find healing in Christ, and we ask for prayers for our staff.

Another Texas Right to Life employee, Director of Media and Communications Kimberly Schwartz, accurately discerned the spiritual darkness behind the anger shown from so many supporters of abortion. She said,

These threats are heartbreaking, not only because they endanger our staff, but also because they reveal the anger and pain that abortion leaves on the hearts of its proponents. Ultimately, this is a spiritual war. Texas Right to Life is taking ground from deep in the Evil One’s territory and proclaiming the sanctity of Life. Now is the time for all Christians to stand up for preborn children and pray for the end of abortion.