Pro-life students at U.K. university harassed and threatened

by Seth Udinski
Pro-life students at U.K. university harassed and threatened

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The battle for life continues to rage on university campuses. This past week, a group of pro-life college students at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom underwent severe pressure from thousands of pro-abortionists.

The Exeter University Students for Life is a new pro-life group at the university. Already in their first semester meeting together, they have experienced great persecution from the pro-abortion community. Sources say the group received death threats, and over 7,000 people have a signed a petition demanding the group be terminated. The petition used an argument repeated by countless advocates of pre-birth infanticide, saying,

It is especially alarming when this society has adopted such a controversial and harmful point of view, a view which is a direct attack on women’s rights.

On the contrary, Alireza Ghazi-Torbati, president of the Exeter University Students for Life, said,

As a society we speak up for and take a stand for the rights of pre-born children, 200,000 of which lose their lives to abortion every year in this country. Our student group should enjoy the same rights as every other student group on campus, free of discrimination or harassment. The death threats made against members of our society are completely unacceptable and deeply disturbing. We have contacted the university. We would like them to take immediate action on this.

The university os aware of the situation and has affirmed the pro-life group’s right to free speech. Christian Legal Centre Chief Executive Andrea Williams, one of Exeter Students for Life’s attorneys, said,

Unfortunately, violent threats and personal attacks are becoming commonplace when such situations arise and in the United Kingdom, free speech is still free, so too, is the freedom to associate and the right to hold and manifest pro-life beliefs. In a number of these situations, the university was not nearly as supportive as the Student’s Union has been here and legal action was required to remedy the wrong done to pro-life groups.