Putin shuffles defense minister to security council

by ian


Russian President Vladimir Putin is replacing his longtime defense minister in a shakeup as he begins his fifth term in office.

Per Russian law, the entire cabinet resigned following Putin’s inauguration on Tuesday. Most were quickly restored to their former positions. But former Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has been reassigned to head the Security Council. The Russian president instead ordered economist Andrei Belousov to serve as his chief of defense.

The news came in the wake of the arrest of Shoigu’s second-in-command on bribery charges last month. The Institute of War claims Putin is worried over corruption in the ranks and the misuse of funds. Alternatively, he could be looking to streamline the economy to support years of war.

Russia claims to have captured multiple towns in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region near the border. Nearly 2,000 Ukrainians fled from those areas.