Questions about Senator John Fetterman’s health still persist

by mcardinal

Curt Flewelling, FISM News

One year after Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman suffered a stroke, questions continue to swirl about his health. The cognitive abilities of the Democrat are again being questioned by some, particularly in light of his recent back-and-forth with former bank executives during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

The beleaguered politician mispronounced and transposed a number of words during the exchange as pensive onlookers were left to simply hold their breath as he spoke. His showing led the Fetterman camp to assert that the Senator is recovering steadily from his stroke and his lingering challenges are mainly auditory processing issues.

Fetterman’s communications director, Joe Covello, told the Washington Examiner, “For many months, we have been clear and open about the fact that John still faces challenges with auditory processing as a result of his stroke. His doctors expect his abilities to improve, but in the meantime, if pathetic losers want to make fun of someone who struggles with speech as a result of a stroke, that’s up to them.”

Democrats and the media alike continue to employ the technique of pivoting quickly from Mr. Fetterman’s verbal miscues to assailing individuals who have legitimate questions about the Senator’s health.

This obfuscation has routinely been coupled with the practice of “sanitizing” the Senator’s comments by transcribing a more coherent version of his actual remarks on the Democrat’s official website. Fox News Digital has chronicled numerous instances where this has occurred.

The latest example of this phenomenon was done by Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein, who has been accused of a wholesale rewrite of Fetterman’s most recent remarks. The reporter was resoundingly admonished by many as he tweeted a much more intelligible version of the Senator’s line of questioning of ex-CEO Greg Becker.

The backlash was swift as the damning video of the Democrat’s verbal blunders simply did not jibe with the sanitized version that Fetterman’s office provided the reporter. Mounting public pressure led the reporter to dutifully fall on the sword and take the blame for not verifying the comments and reconciling them with the video.

The tragedy of it all is that Fetterman seems to be caught in the middle of this sad drama. He is surrounded by political opponents who are hell bent on exploiting his misfortune and  Fetterman’s handlers who dismiss any inquiries pertaining to the Senator’s health as insensitive.

Separating the wheat from the chaff, as it pertains to Fetterman’s condition, may be next to impossible in this politically charged world. However, covering for the Senator by sanitizing his comments is only fueling more speculation. One thing is certain, the issue is not going away any time soon.