Rafah strike deemed ‘tragic mistake’ by Netanyahu

by ian

As the war against Hamas continues to rage on, a recent attack from Israel’s military has been labeled as a “tragic mistake” by its government.

That admission was from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in response to an airstrike in the embattled city of Rafah. Shortly after Hamas claimed it fired rockets toward Israel from Gaza, the IDF issued airstrikes on suspected Hamas targets on Sunday.

While the IDF said the strikes eliminated two senior Hamas commanders, reports also showed that it also accidentally struck a civilian camp and killed 45 individuals.

Speaking to the Israeli Parliament after the fact, Netanyahu said the intent was not to harm any civilians. But since Israel’s admission, the world has increasingly criticized the nation.

A slew of international communities condemned the attack shortly after reports confirmed the casualties.

Among this group was South Africa, which recently accused Israel of genocide before the International Court of Justice. Their accusation was mostly agreed upon by the Court, which ordered Israel to end its military offensive in Rafah. This action, however, cannot be enforced by the court.

The world has mostly been waiting on a reaction from the United States, which has so far expressed support for Israel’s campaign to eradicate Hamas. The Biden administration has repeatedly called for Israel to show care when operating around civilians.

The U.S. even threatened to withhold aid should Israel cross any pre-determined “red lines” in its Rafah offensive. This recent strike is being investigated by Biden officials, who hope to determine if this meets Biden’s threshold of crossing any lines.

Israel and its military continue to say that the strike was carefully planned to reduce the risk of civilian casualties. The IDF said in a statement that it conducted “aerial surveillance” and deployed precise munitions as part of this effort. Israeli military leaders also said they relied on “additional intelligence” to hone in their precision strike.

In related news, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry said that a more recent Israeli strike resulted in the deaths of 21 other civilians on Tuesday. However, the IDF said it was not aware of the incident, and the claim has yet to be corroborated by other sources. We will continue to monitor for updates on the current operation within Rafah.