Rams’ All-Pro defender Aaron Donald praises God for his blessings

by Jacob Fuller

Rob Issa, FISM News


Aaron Donald has a Super Bowl ring, three Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year awards, and numerous other accolades he’s earned throughout his nine-year career in the NFL.

The seven-time All-Pro defensive tackle understands where his talent comes from.

“Obviously you put a lot of work in, but God put us in certain positions to be able to live out what you want to live out and do what you need to do,” Donald said on Faith On The Field Show. “I accomplished something like (winning a Super Bowl) and we know so much emotions come at once and would come from the heart. And I would be wrong not to give thanks to God for putting me in the positions I’m in today.”

Through wins and losses, success and failure, the 31-year-old Donald realizes something bigger matters.

“I always say it’s a blessing to be playing this game and being in a position I’m in today, obviously, I put a lot of work in, but God got his hands in everything,” Donald said.

Donald has four sacks this season as the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams are off to a mediocre 3-3 start entering their bye week. The team has battled injuries and this week’s bye will allow several players to get rest.

“I’m looking forward to getting some of these guys back but what I also think has been really good, is that it’s allowed us to develop depth that you wouldn’t be forced to do otherwise,” coach Sean McVay said. “Guys are playing, they’re gaining confidence, they’re gaining that experience that will be key and critical because we’ve seen, you just never know. Injuries are an inevitable part of this game, and you hate it for guys because that’s what kills me, is just watching the amount of work that gets put into it and how quickly just a little thing can kind of take it away from them. But that is something that we’ve looked at, while also trying to be present.”