“Remove China App” Taken Down From India’s Google Play Store

by davidscott

By Samuel Case, FISM News

Google has removed an app called “Remove China Apps” from India’s Google Play Store. The app developed One Touch Lab Apps, claims to help users identify and remove any apps developed by China on their phones. The app had been up for 2 weeks and downloaded over 4 million times before Google took it down. 

Google says the app had violated the Play Store’s policy. While no further information was given by Google’s spokesperson, according to TechCrunch the app violated the store’s Deceptive Behavior Policy, explaining, “Under this policy, an app on Google Play Store cannot make changes to a user’s device settings, or features outside of the app without the user’s knowledge and consent, and not it can encourage or incentivize users into removing or disabling third-party apps. 

This comes as tensions rise at the India China border and anti-China sentiment increases in India. 



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