Rep. Gaetz files motion to remove Speaker McCarthy

by ian

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is making good on his threat to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy by filing a motion to vacate.

Gaetz has been threatening to remove McCarthy as speaker for some time. He says his reason for doing so now is based on allegations that the speaker made a side deal with Democrats on Ukraine aid in order to pass Saturday’s stopgap funding bill.

For his part, McCarthy denies the allegation but has told reporters he is willing to cut a deal on Ukraine in return for more border security.

Both sides accuse the other of working with Democrats to get what they want. Speaker McCarthy says Gaetz is relying on Democrats’ votes to vacate the speakership successfully.

But Gaetz says that argument goes both ways. According to CNN, five Republicans, including Gaetz, are backing the ouster, meaning McCarthy could be forced to cut a deal with Democrats to maintain the speakership.

McCarthy dodged a question Monday about whether or not he’ll work with Democrats to stay in power. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries says he has spoken with McCarthy about the issue but didn’t give any details about their conversation.