Report finds most UK schools are requiring students to affirm peers’ gender identities

by Jacob Fuller

Curt Flewelling, FISM News

A new report by the group Policy Exchange (PE) reveals that 69% of secondary schools in England are requiring their students to affirm the gender preferences of their fellow classmates. Policy Exchange is a British conservative think tank based out of London.

Other findings in the report include:

  • Seven in ten schools are failing to inform families when pupils question or change their ‘gender identity.’
  • Four in ten schools operate policies of ‘gender self-identification.’
  • 28% of schools are not maintaining single-sex toilets.
  • 19% of schools are not maintaining single-sex changing rooms.
  • 72% of schools are teaching that people have a ‘gender identity’ that may be different from their biological sex.

PE arrived at these findings by sending out Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to a random selection of 300 secondary schools and academies in England. According to the group, the findings are an affirmation of what concerned parents have feared for a long time.

Parents have been greatly troubled by the policy of forcing their children to accept transgender ideology or face punishment by the school.

The report states,

By uncritically accepting contested beliefs on gender identity, as well as adopting affirmative practice, which involves affirming a child’s belief that they are the opposite gender to their sex, schools are failing to consider their safeguarding duties — not just to gender-distressed children — but to their peers as well.

The issue goes beyond one’s view of transgender policy and speaks to a person’s basic human right to voice an opinion. British Home Secretary and former Attorney General for England, Suella Braverman has been a very sober-minded advocate for free speech for decades.

Braverman has stated that the right to freedom of belief, thought, conscience, and speech, must be protected. She warns of the dangers of “silencing” individuals who may hold divergent views from their fellow citizens on transgender issues.

In a speech entitled, “Equalities and Rights”, she stated,

No child should be made to fear punishment or disadvantage for questioning what they are being taught, or refusing to adopt a preferred pronoun for a gender-questioning child, or complaining about a gender questioning-child using their toilets or changing rooms.