Report – Over 100 Christian schools and universities fraternized with Planned Parenthood in 2021

by Seth Udinski
Report – Over 100 Christian schools and universities fraternized with Planned Parenthood in 2021

Seth Udinski, FISM News


It is no secret that Planned Parenthood is one of the largest and most insidious abortion providers in the United States, even as the organization operates under the guise of a nonprofit women’s health group. The organization killed over 300,000 babies in the fiscal year of 2020, a jarring statistic considering the negative effects of the pandemic on thousands of businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

An unfortunate report from the Students for Life of America (SFLA) in December revealed troubling statistics about the relationship between Planned Parenthood and Christian colleges and schools. The report explored the ways in which Planned Parenthood marketed itself in the last several years as a wholesome organization ripe with career opportunities for young people on college and high school campuses.

Over 780 Christian institutions were studied, and the findings were shocking. When the report began, 103 of these institutions that claim to espouse a biblical worldview fraternized or otherwise associated with the abortion organization. It should be noted that several of these schools severed their connection with Planned Parenthood over the duration of the poll, leaving 69 institutions remaining at the end of the study.

Of these institutions, Roman Catholicism led the numbers, with 30% being affiliated with the Catholic Church. Baptists came in second at 13%, followed by Methodists (12%) and Presbyterians (7%). Among the schools, there were varying levels of relationship strength with Planned Parenthood. Almost 40% hold an “existing relationship,” which came in as the weakest level of association. Roughly 19% have a “light relationship,” 20% have a strong relationship, and 22% have a committed relationship with Planned Parenthood.

In some good news from the poll, almost 700 schools were counted as “victory” institutions, meaning they have no relationship with Planned Parenthood. By the end of the study that number grew, as 34 schools chose to cut ties with the abortion organization.