Report: Prison system being abused by inmates claiming to transgender

by Will Tubbs

Trey Paul, FISM News

If you ever wondered what life is really like inside a women’s prison, O’Keefe Media CEO James O’Keefe shared a video Thursday that shines a light on how male inmates – who are claiming to be women- are abusing the system and other prisoners.

In the video, two female inmates identified as “Inmate #1” and “Inmate #2” at the Washington State Correctional Center for Women (WCCW), exposed how some male inmates claimed to be transgender just so they could get into the female prison population and have sex with female inmates.

“I know there’s some having sex with women. There was some, like, assaulting, but no one reported it,” Inmate #1 said.

In addition to assault allegations, they say some of the male prisoners are getting special treatment and that women are having a harder time getting their medical needs met than the men do.

“Some of these men are not confused, they’re just manipulating the system. It’s not equal, because we don’t get the same care and treatment that the trans get in here,” Inmate #1 said. “They cater to the trans community. All you have to do is say that you are a woman, that you now, when you’re in county, say that you identify as a woman, and you can come straight to here from county. The guys don’t even have to go to the men’s prison first.”

They also noted that some men, who killed and raped women and children, are now sharing a cell with women. “Imagine coming into your room one day and you’re in closed custody and you turn around and there is a man standing there peeing in the toilet because you have the bathroom in your room in CCU,” Inmate #1 said. “There is nothing you can do!”

Inmate #2 also shared why she feels helpless.

“My safety is now in jeopardy because I cannot voice my freedom of speech, but that doesn’t apply anymore because now they’re implementing this new gender equality role that forces us to conform to what they want us to believe in about the transgenders,” she said. “I’ve heard some of these men talk about how they would want to get a girl pregnant so that the girl could form a lawsuit against WCCW and say that he raped her and he’s willing to go along with it. He’s pretty much the mastermind behind his own scandal.”

She says there’s even a name for this time of scandalous activity. “So, the slang word that they’re calling it is ‘million-dollar baby.’ A ‘million-dollar baby’ play,” Inmate #2 said. “That’s the, that’s the slang term that they’re using.”

Inmate #2 also claims that other men currently serving time in the men’s institution are inventing strategies so that they too can “conform to the transgender thing.”

“They’re taking all the necessary steps that they have to in order to get on the applications and the lists and things like that to go through the whole process just to get here, just to do that,” she said. “We don’t have a voice, we don’t have a leg to stand on. Any time we voice these types of things, we are met with ridicule, targeting, bias, punishments, solitary confinement.”

One quote seen floating around on social media in response to this video is by Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky who wrote, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”

Other responses are more direct including one from conservative pundit and author Matt Walsh, who tweeted, “This is one of the great human rights abuses of our time. Women who are totally vulnerable and voiceless are being forced to share prison cells with male rapists and murderers. It is a direct violation of the 8th amendment. Utterly indefensible.”

In 2021, the “Dori Monson Show” broke a story about a biological male who allegedly raped a developmentally disabled woman while both were behind bars at WCCW.