Report shows worldwide evangelical outreach in 2023

by ian

There were measurable advances in evangelizing the nations throughout 2023.

A report from CBN News reflects on multiple worldwide missions organizations looking to bring Jesus to people across the world. In Africa, for example, Dr. Michael Youssef’s efforts in Egypt have led over 7,800 to accept Jesus as their Savior. Guinea Bissau and Zambia, meanwhile, saw a shattering combination of more than 53,000 decisions to follow Christ.

Central and South America also became centers of conversion to faith. Nicaragua saw tens of thousands of lives given to Christ by the work of two organizations. Recent Barna research shows an ever-increasing interest in Christ and the Bible among Latin American teenagers.

Finally, Taiwan has fostered a growing community of believers with the introduction of over 40,000 revival prayer groups,  including some members from China’s underground church.